RDT Dental Lab (aka Rieske Dental Technologies Inc.) is a full service laboratory that focuses on 4 core values - Quality, Customer Service, Variety and Consistency. We believe in building a long lasting relationship with you and in delivering on what's important to a progressive office. We are meticulous in our procedures, which include utilizing high quality restorative materials, detail oriented procedures and state-of-the-art equipment. The specialized, individual approach that we have adopted cannot be replicated in factory-like settings. We pride ourselves on individual attention, superior craftsmanship and impeccable reliability.

Our goal is to produce the highest quality restorations focusing on customer service and support for every case. We are your partner throughout the process, from planning to final insertion. We ensure individualized attention to every case leaving our laboratory. This includes step-by-step guidelines and chair side support for larger cases. Long-term relationships and quality communication is the key to our success.

At RDT we value your business, your clients and your time. We help our dentists create products that have a perfect fit with minimal adjustments and the highest aesthetic results. Less adjustments result in less chair time with happier, more confident patients who bring you additional referrals. Your peace of mind is our guarantee on every case.

The owner Danny graduated as Master Dental Technician in Halle, Germany. With 18 years of experience working with dental laboratories from Germany to Singapore to Canada his level of expertise ensures that every case that leaves the laboratory is produced under these intense standards.

Throughout his career Danny has been privileged to learn from industry leaders such as Jochen Peters, Oliver Brix, Christoph Kaiser, Dr. Koenig and Lee Culp. Such inspiration has helped guide Danny to demand the highest quality standards in his profession.

Balmoral Dental Designs Partnership
RDT Dental Lab has a proud strategic partnership with Balmoral Dental Designs . With three locations across Ontario, Balmoral Dental Designs is a leader in all aspects of Dental Technology. By merging technical expertise with progressive materials and equipment, the team at Balmoral Dental Designs strives for continuous quality improvement through innovation, and is a proud partner of RDT Dental Lab.

Certificates & Education
  • Wieland, Quality Assurance Management ISO 9001
  • Metalor, Steri-Oss Implant Systems
  • Straumann, ITI Implant Systems
  • Straumann, Full Arch Immediate Fixed Hybrid Restorations
  • Degudent, Golden Gate System With Individual Interlocking
  • BEGO, Individual Swing Latch System
  • BEGO, Anatomical Design Of Anterior And Posterior Occlusal Components
  • ESPE, Sinfony
  • Straumann Advanced Implant Systems
  • Ivoclar, IPS Empress Master
  • Thiel Seminar, Biocompatibility of Dental Materials
  • Prosthodontists Dr. Hilger and Dr. Koenig, Full Arch Immediate Implant Retained Prosthetics
  • Straumann, Diagnostics and Implant Planning
  • Nobel Biocare, Dental Designer Nobel Procera
  • German Master School for Dental Technician, MDT
  • ESPE, 3M Lava Zirconia Certification
  • Jochen Peters, Creating Aesthetic Implant Restorations
  • BEGO, Precision Milled Restorations
  • Nobel Biocare, Restorative Treatment And Options
  • Vita, Predictable Dental Restorations In The Esthetic Zone
  • Wieland, AGC Galvano Prosthetic
  • Thiel Seminar, Implant Systems Guide And Comparison
  • Ivoclar, Zirconia Esthetics Naturally
  • Ivoclar, Smile Design Advanced Emax and Zirconia
  • ITero, Digital Certification
  • Trios, Digital Certification

Our Services
Overview Restoration Types
  • Veneers
  • Crown and Bridges
  • Inlays/Onlays
  • Screw Retained Implants
  • Cement Retained Implants
  • Implant Bars with Various Attachment Options
  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Cast Partial Dentures
  • Flexible Partials
  • Temporaries
  • Case Planning and Diagnostic Waxups
  • Combo Cases
  • Nightguards in Various Designs and Material Options
  • Snore and Sleep Apnea Devices
  • Orthodontic Devices
Overview Restoration Types
  • Zirconia
  • Emax (Lithium Disilicate)
  • PFM In Variety Of Alloys
  • Composit
  • Thermoplastic Acrylic
  • Acrylic
  • CAD CAM Print
Digital Dentistry and
Digital Case Processing

We are certified to accept your digital impressions from iTero (Cadent) and Trios (3Shape).
Please call to help you with the setting up and to send your first digital impression to our specialized lab.
Fixed Restorations

emax® LAYERED Lithium disilicate ceramic has exceptional esthetics, versitility and clinically proven strength. emax┬« is an innovative alternative to regular PFM or zirconia.

Advantages Natural translucency, strength, excellent margins, biocompatiblity, wear compatibility.

Veneer, Crown and Bridge up to 3 units.
Crown, Inlay and Onlay.

Cementation Preferred bonded or conventionally cemented.

EMAX SOLID Proven Emax 400Mpa properties made of homogenious block either CAD designed and milled or pressed to full shape and customized via staining and glazing technics.

Advantages Economical, higher strenth due solid structure, excellent margins, biocompatibility, wear compatibility.

Posterior single crowns.
Not suitable.

Cementation Preferred bonded or conventionally cemented.

ZIRCONIA LAYERED Great esthetics due to individual layering technique and best core coverage. Exceptional strength of frame. Enhanced light transmission and blending capabilities for more natural look and beautiful margins.

Advantages Excellent esthetics, strength, versatility, biocompatibility.

Crown and Bridge.
Crown and Bridge.

Cementation Conventionally cemented.

ZIRCONIA SOLID Full contour zirconia are a popular treatment option with exceptional balance of strength, esthetic and value. These properties makes solid zirconia the ideal restorative solution for bruxer and indications with limited occlusal clearance.

Advantages Economical, excellent strength 1400Mpa, biocompatibility, excellent margins.

Not suitable.
Single Crowns and Bridges.

Cementation Conventionally cemented or bonded.

PFM - PORCELAIN FUSED TO METAL A proven restoration for dentists seeking the perfect combination of lifelike porcelain and longevity of a metal frame. Metal structure can be ordered in wide variety of alloy options.

Advantages Longevity, natural looking internal characterizations, strength, large variety of indications.

Crown and Bridge.
Crown and Bridge.

Cementation Conventionally cemented.

FULL METAL With a variety of alloy options from high nobel, semi precious and non precious full metal crowns are having a wide range of clinical indications.
A long proven functional success.

Advantages Durability, functional success, strength, fit.

Crown and Bridge, Inlay.
Crown, Bridge, Inlay, Onlay.

Cementation Conventionally cemented.

TEMPORARIES From a study model, waxup or preparation we can make temporary restorations in PMMA using CAD design or conventional lab made temporaries. Following the physiological aspect of the tooth we create a consistent replication of the desired morphology.

Advantages Visualization of final restoration, functional evaluation, economical, proven clinical study.

Crown and Bridge.
Crown and Bridge.

Cementation Dual cured resin, glass ionomer or lutining cements.
Implant Retained Restorations

SCREW RETAINED IMPLANT Implant based restoration with direct screw connection for easy accessibility, stability and function. In a wide variety of material choices: precious metal, zirconia, titanium and composite.

Advantages Wide variety of indications, access to screw, functional success, stability.

Crown and Bridge.
Crown and Bridge.

CEMENTED RETAINED IMPLANT Implant abutment with cemented crown portion for aesthetic, functional and stable results. In a wide variety of material choices: precious metal, zirconia, emax, titanium, composite.

Advantages Aesthetic, functional, stable, variety of indications.

Crown and Bridge.
Crown and Bridge.

HYBRID DENTURE Implant supported fixed dentures provide a permanent functional dental restoration securely anchored to the bone structure.Variety of options for CAD/CAM milled bar or internal abutments processed to the acrylic denture.

Advantages Exceptional fit, functional, stable.

IMPLANT SUPPORTED REMOVABLE DENTURE Implant supported removable dentures are great alternatives for edentulous patients. Variety of options for CAD/CAM milled bar or internal attachments to create a removable and easy to clean denture.

Advantages Easy to clean, functional, stable.
Removable Restorations

COMPLETE DENTURE Complete dentures are designed to follow neuromusculare principals to ensure balanced occlusion and optimal fit. A functional and esthetic alternative for patients that are not candidates for implant based restorations.

CAST PARTIAL DENTURE Every cast partial is produced meticulously to ensure perfectly fitting, strong and lightweight frames for natural feel and comfort. From conventional cast partials to combo cases with milled attachments we can offer the best solution for your patients smile.

VISICLEAR FLEXIBLE PARTIAL DENTURE A great alternative from traditional metal based structure. The flexible framework is 100% metal-free. It's made of a lightweight biocompatible thermoplastic material which is both comfortable and stain resistent. Improved patient satisfaction and easy chair side adjustment makes Visiclear a great option for you and your patient.

DURAFLEX FLEXIBLE PARTIAL DENTURE Duraflex partials are tissue colored flexible partials. Virtually unbreakable, lightweight and comfortable. Duraflex partials are resistent to water absorption, stains and odors.

ACRYLIC PARTIAL DENTURES Conventional partial dentures are repairable and versatile with a long success history. Available with wrought wire clasp and individual design options for small to larger indications.
Sleep and Snoring Appliances

BASIC ANTI SNORING APPLIANCE This appliance positions the mandible in such a way as to prevent the soft tissues from collapsing and thereby constricting the airway. This appliance is custom fabricated to fit each patient and their unique condition.

SILENT NITE Silent Nite positions the lower jaw forward using special Side-Link connectors that are attached to upper and lower trays. These trays are comprised of a soft inner layer with a hard outer layer that is durable and BPA-free. The connectors are easily interchangeable.

PANTHERA The Panthera D-SAD is the smallest device in the industry and it is the only one that is entirely printed using CAD/CAM technology. The appliance is made of type 12 organic polyamide, a resistant biocompatible nylon. The connector systems consists of exchangeable retaining rods in order to maintain the jaw in the exact forward position.
Splints and Therapy Devices

DIGITAL THERMOPLASTIC NIGHTGUARD This digitally designed and printed thermoplastic nightguard is a true alternative to a conventional thermoplastic nightguard. Studies have shown that it is more durable and more comfortable without turning yellow or brittle. All jaw movements can be digitally analyzed and the model can be saved for future reference and reproduction.

IMPAK THERMOPLASTIC NIGHTGUARD The thermoplastic nightguard softens in warm water and hardens as it conforms to the contour of the teeth. The elasticity of the material allows for a more precise and comfortable fit.

ASTRON THERMOPLASTIC NIGHTGUARD Astron clearsplint is an improved thermoplastic material nearly invisible while wearing. Material is stronger so it is ideal for bruxer patients. Amine and MMA free to never yellow and eleminates allergy problems.

HARD NIGHTGUARD Heat cured hard acrylic and a flat plane this hard nightguard is fabricated for precise fit, maximum rigidity and strength. Not suitable for patients with cosmetic restorations.

THERMOFLEX NIGHTGUARD A combination of both hard acrylic over occlusion and thermoplastic for easy seating and comfortable fit. This premium nightguard provides maximum stability and comfort.

DUAL LAMINATE NIGHTGUARD Pressure-formed dual laminate EVA with a soft liner and a overlay of harder acrylic. It has an even thickness and contoured to replicate arch form and tooth position.

SOFT NIGHTGUARD Pressure formed soft and all flexible EVA. Ideal for sensitive or missing teeth, or unusual draw. The standard thickness of 3mm provides comfort, easy insertion and protection.

SPORTSGUARD Pro-Form sportsguards come in a variety of colors and variations. From single to triple layer the goal is maximum protection for the athletes smile.

ORTHO APPLIANCES Essex Retainer, Bleaching Trays, Lingual Retainer Wire, Lingual Retainer Wire bonded, Band Loop Space Maintainer, Schwarz Expander, Sagital Expander.
Preparation Guide

Full Coverage Restorations Anterior Crown Preparation
3-Unit Bridge Restorations 3-Unit Bridge Preparation

Veneers Veneer Preparation A medium grit, round-ended, diamond bur is used to remove a uniform thickness of facial enamel by joining the depth-cut grooves.
  Incisal Preparation The diamond bur is angled to bevel back the incisal edge.
  Chamfer Margins Correct preparation of the chamfer margins interproximally allows the appropriate bulk of porcelain.

Inlays/Onlays Inlay Preparation
  Onlay Preparation

3-Unit Bridge Restorations 3-Unit Bridge Preparation

Full-Coverage Restorations Posterior Crown Preparation
  Conventioan Cementation Preparation
Case Information
Doctor Information
Patient Information
Case Details
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